Uranchimeg (Urnaa) Tserendorj

General Director of Clean Technology, Investment, and Production Division, and General Secretary of Gender Council, Ministry of Environment and Tourism (Mongolia)

Uranchimeg (Urnaa) Tserendorjg has over 15 years of experience in the environmental sector and has led various cross-sectoral public policies and procedures in promoting sustainable development. In addition, she has six years of experience in managerial positions at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, ranging from Senior Specialist to divisional Director-General. She is a leader in the sector and contributes to developing policies and implementing actions in environmental protection, and supports cooperation between stakeholders including private sector, local administrations, non-governmental organizations, and civil movements.

As the General Secretary of the Gender Council of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Uranchimeg is responsible for the implementation of a gender mainstreaming policy for the Mongolian environmental sector, the first sectorial gender strategy in Mongolia. She has promoted multi-stakeholder partnerships in the implementation of gender mainstreaming in the public sector by ensuring the cooperation and collaboration of local civil society. She has also organized awareness-raising activities within the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, including Leadership and Gender Equality Training among director-level staff.   She works closely with MERIT, a GAC-funded program through a collaboration between CESO and WUSC, in order to promote gender-sensitive policy design and implementation in the sector.

Uranchimeg holds a Master’s Degree in Environment and Tourism and a Bachelor of Science in Biology, both from the National University of Mongolia, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Mongolian National University of Agriculture.

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