On November 27-28, 2019, the first-ever Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership will bring together policy leaders from all sub-sectors of Canada’s foreign policy.  In the Fall 2019 post-election context this Summit provides an opportunity to understand where Canada stands at the nexus of international trade, security, diplomacy, development and humanitarian assistance and set the stage for building a comprehensive foreign policy for the future.


Why attend?

Leading thinkers from the security, development, diplomacy, humanitarian and aid sectors will convene to examine the potential for a more ambitious and comprehensive Canadian foreign policy. 

The Summit will serve as a jumping off point towards improving understanding of Canada’s global cooperation priorities. It will also build relationships and foment collaboration across sectors and with the Government of Canada.

Together, participants will develop and test more effective responses to international socioeconomic, security, humanitarian, human rights, environmental and development challenges.


Why now?

Despite decades of economic growth, innovation and social progress, ongoing international pressures are posing critical challenges calling for solutions that straddle all levers of foreign policy. Canada must foster cross-sectoral collaborations in order to become a global leader for real change.

In the Fall 2019 post-election context and nearing the 10-year mark to reach the SDGs/Agenda 2030, this Summit will provide an opportunity to understand where Canadian state and non-state actors stand at the nexus of international trade, security, diplomacy, development and humanitarian assistance.

The Summit is also a platform to challenge one another to engage in reflexive cross-related analysis of Canada’s foreign policy goals, strategies and actions.


Who will attend?

The Summit will bring together diverse policy leaders and thinkers from the following sectors: trade, diplomacy, security, international development and humanitarian aid. The Summit is open to practitioners, policy makers, academics, students and government officials from all sectors with an interest in foreign policy. 


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