Nevena Vucetic

MA Student, Dalhousie University

Nevena Vucetic is a second-year graduate student with the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her thesis will focus on the gendered reality of working in Ugandan civil society organizations that are funded by the Government of Canada under the Feminist International Assistance Policy. Nevena has just undertaken three months of research in Kampala and is excited to share and reflect upon some of her initial findings at the Summit. Having previously worked as a Policy Analyst at Global Affairs Canada, Nevena has experience contributing towards research and analyses related to feminist and rights-based approaches to development. In her hometown of Ottawa, Nevena spent 4 years volunteering with the local United Nations Association in Canada (UNAC) Branch, where she took pride in working to educate the community on world issues and their role in them. When not busy with her studies, work or volunteering, Nevena enjoys travelling, being active, discussing feminist issues with friends over a good cup of coffee, and hanging out with her dog, Bella. Nevena is passionate about gender equality and working to eradicate the root causes of global inequalities. Nevena’s personal pronouns are she/her. 

My Sessions

Can Sexual Violence in the Workplace Really be Prevented? An Examination of the Roots of the Problem and Some Glimmers of Hope

Room 106 E

REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE The #MeToo movement brought an issue marginalized groups have been dealing with for far too long to the forefront and it’s time we discuss Canada’s role in it. This panel will examine the root causes of sexual violence in the workplace – often referred to as sexual harassment, […]