Brigitte Demers

PSHEA Specialist & Sector Hub Manager, CCIC

Brigitte Demers recently joined the Canadian Council of International Cooperation (CCIC) as PSHEA Specialist & Sector Hub Manager. She is a passionate and devoted expert in Gender Justice, seeking to collaborate with civil society partners to prevent Gender-Based Violence and mainstream Gender Equality and Human Rights approaches. Brigitte has completed doctoral studies in critical criminology at the University of Montreal and is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa. Her interests focus on international collaboration for transformative changes on gender-based violence norms around the world.

Prior to joining the CCIC team, Brigitte worked for CLSC Quebec, where she implemented the PAPFC program with families experiencing violence and /or neglect, and taught Psychoéducation at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. In her 20 year career, she has served as a Gender and Human Rights consultant for organizations in Mexico and El Salvador, and other Latin American countries. She implemented a multi-level intervention program for rural women teachers in Chile and conducted several research projects using a variety of methodologies. She particularly appreciates the ability of participation-action methodologies to effect sustainable social changes and participant ownership of knowledge. Brigitte has offered facilitation, teaching and training on gender-related topics in multiple countries and languages for a variety of actors: directors, university professors and students, professionals, families, youth, etc. This practice is supported by her many years of clinical fieldwork as a psychoeducator, working with adolescent offenders, survivors, adults with trauma or mental health difficulties, and families going through and/or struggling out of gender violence.

My Sessions

Can Sexual Violence in the Workplace Really be Prevented? An Examination of the Roots of the Problem and Some Glimmers of Hope

Room 106 E

REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE The #MeToo movement brought an issue marginalized groups have been dealing with for far too long to the forefront and it’s time we discuss Canada’s role in it. This panel will examine the root causes of sexual violence in the workplace – often referred to as sexual harassment, […]