Nomin Ganbaatar

Director, Fresh Water Resource and Nature Conservation Centre, Ministry of Environment and Tourism (Mongolia)

Nomin Ganbaatar was appointed as Director of the Fresh Water Resource and Nature Conservation Center in 2016, the first woman to hold this position (or earn this title), by the Minister of Environment and Tourism. Under her dynamic leadership and inspiring guidance, the Center has made several noteworthy achievements and she and her staff have been recognized both nationally and internationally. The Center’s mission and approach has evolved under Nomin’s influence and passion for public awareness of environmental sustainability and for gender equality. Nomin attained her MBA in International Management of Resources and Environment and after her participation of Transformative leadership: Leading for Gender Equality and Women’s right training in Vienna, Austria which was organized by UN Women Training Centre in 2017, she actively took part in the drafting of the gender policy in the environmental sector. Nomin has become a leader and champion in Mongolia’s environmental sector by introducing gender mainstreaming throughout her organization and initiating the first ILO-certified Participatory Gender Audit in the Mongolian public sector, at her Center in August 2018. With her experience in the public sector and interest in environmental policy, Nomin hopes to become a role model for women working in the sector and aspires to become a gender activist in her field.  

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