Sheila Rao

post-doctoral researcher with CCIC and the University of Ottawa

Sheila Rao is a post-doctoral researcher with CCIC and the University of Ottawa. 

She uses a feminist lens to examine a range of cross-cutting areas including nutritional health and food systems, communication technologies and digital networks,  rural/urban livelihoods, and institutional partnerships in the Global South. She has over fifteen years of experience working overseas designing, developing and managing research for development projects. Her current research, (funded by CCIC, MITACS and the University of Ottawa), examines the organizational and human resource capacity for addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment in Canadian and overseas partner organizations.  

My Sessions

Feminism(s) in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Programming? Research and Experience on Overseas Partner Perspectives with Feminist Development Approaches

Room 110

REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE How do Canadian organizations and their partners in the Global South integrate gender equality into their programming, and to what extent do they consider their approaches to be ‘feminist’? Since the launch of the Feminist International Aid Policy (FIAP) in 2017, an emphasis on promoting gender equality and […]