Feminism(s) in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Programming? Research and Experience on Overseas Partner Perspectives with Feminist Development Approaches

Room 110


How do Canadian organizations and their partners in the Global South integrate gender equality into their programming, and to what extent do they consider their approaches to be ‘feminist’? Since the launch of the Feminist International Aid Policy (FIAP) in 2017, an emphasis on promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment by Global Affairs has seen an increase in demand for investments by Canadian organizations to strengthen their capacity. Within the diversity of organizational approaches to gender relations, interpretations of what constitutes a ‘feminist approach to development’ shape processes of partnership and program development between overseas partners and Canadian organizations. Varying views of feminism embedded in these partnerships, are often overlooked and have the potential for long-term, unintended consequences. This panel seeks to explore perceptions, practices and opportunities for integrating ‘feminist approaches to development’ by Canadian organizations and their partners in the Global South. Through recent case studies describing experiences between Canadian and overseas partner organizations, and presentation of research findings, panel members and audience participants will examine how organizations engage (or not) with feminism through their programming, evaluation and research activities, and whether or not FIAP has or will influence their approach to gender equality through their partnerships in the Global South.