Isaac ‘Asume’ Osuoka

Director, Social Action, Nigeria

Dr. Isaac ‘Asume’ Osuoka coordinates Social Action International, an organization promoting resource democracy and the human rights and livelihoods of marginalized communities in Nigeria. Social Action works through research and monitoring, popular education and advocacy. Osuoka previously served as Coordinator of Oilwatch Africa, a network supporting communities impacted by the petroleum industry in the continent. He has participated in several international conferences and has been a panelist at the United Nations’ Expert Group Meeting on the Use of Non-Renewable Resource Revenues for Sustainable Local Development. Osuoka holds a doctorate in Environmental Studies from York University in Canada where he has been a member of faculty and visiting scholar. 

My Sessions

Lessons Learned 2

Room 106 C

REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE   This session is a World Cafe style session where different organizations will share their experiences on different topics. Participants will rotate from table to table to learn and exchange knowledge and best practices. Dispatches from the frontlines of a conflict caused by climate change All is not […]