Why I am excited for the Summit

Jeffrey McLean –  Youth Bursary recipient


I am excited for the Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership because I am a Youth Bursary recipient. The application process wasn’t easy! Applicants wrote an essay, completed short answer questions, and submitted a reference letter, just for a chance to attend the Summit. I am a Master’s student at McMaster studying global health. My excitement for the Summit comes from true desire to be there.

Seventeen other youths are in a similar position. We form a diverse group, representing almost every province and territory in Canada. I speak for all of us when I say that my excitement comes from the other Summit attendees. The Summit is a space to interact with people from the fields we will work in someday. I am excited to explore my potential career trajectory because I have lots to learn from Summit attendees.

The schedule is full.

It is hard to decide which sessions I will attend! Do I go to Youth in Policy or The Future of Climate Change Policy? The climate change keynote speakers excite me, I will be listening closely. The CEO-Youth Networking Event will be a highlight too.

The future of Canada’s Global Leadership will be in the room. Each and every attendee brings an alternative perspective. We have different backgrounds:  security, development, diplomacy, humanitarian and aid sectors. Having activists, researchers, executive directors and youth represented in one place is something to be celebrated! The dialogue we generate will shape positive change. As a youth representative, the opportunity to observe discussions that inform policy making is not only exciting, it is an honour. I am excited for the Summit because I want to be there.