Beijing+25: Influencing Priorities and Opportunities for Engagement

Room 106 FG

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Canadian CSOs, including from the international development community, have been eager to engage in the Beijing+25 process, including by contributing to Canada’s civil society Shadow Report. However, the UN-led process itself is quite complicated, and there have yet been no opportunities to bring together Canadian CSOs to jointly engage and strategize.  

The proposed session offers an opportunity for participants to:  

  • Connect with one another
  • Receive an overview presentation of Canada’s National Review Report and Shadow Report
  • Discuss Shadow Report recommendations, examine points of convergence and divergence, and agree to priority areas for joint influencing work
  • Learn about the UN-led process, hear reflections from the Geneva meetings, and identify opportunities for influencing that lie ahead
  • Identify key stakeholders to be involved in next steps in the Beijing+25 process