Canadian Foodgrains Bank Writing Competition


Canadian Foodgrains Bank is pleased to be sponsoring a CCIC and CASID (as part of the NextGen program) writing competition for emerging academics and practitioners across Canada.  The competition will be an opportunity for individuals under the age of 35 that are working in international cooperation to share their writing and research on global poverty and food insecurity, as it relates to the fields of trade, peace, security or diplomacy.


Awards: There will be a $200.00 prize awarded to a winner in each stream (academic and practitioner) as well as free participation in the Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership. The winners will also be invited to pitch their writing submission during the Summit. 


Guidelines:   Writing submissions must be written in an editorial format with a word limit of 1000 words.  Submissions will be accepted in both English and French. We will offer two streams, an academic stream and a practitioner stream. The deadline for submissions is Friday November 1, 2019 at midnight (ET). 


Criteria for Selection:  

  • The piece must be written by an individual or two individuals (in which case only one admission fee to the Summit and prize will be presented to both). 
  • The piece can be no longer than 1000 words and must be clearly and concisely written in an accessible editorial format (no academic language or jargon) in either English or French. 
  • The written piece must not have been previously published. 
  • The author(s) must be under 35. 
  • The piece must touch on the intersection of global poverty and food insecurity with either trade, peace, security or diplomacy.  


The piece must be evidence-based, focussed, include background information on the issue, provide a clear analysis of the problem and consider why it matters for Canadian foreign policy.  The pieces will be judged based on the criteria mentioned above and will consider how well the submission uses evidence to analyze the intersection of global poverty and food insecurity with either trade, peace, security or diplomacy.  The evaluation will also consider how clearly the submission is written and whether the argument and analysis are presented in a compelling manner.  


Submission Format: Please submit your writing piece in a PDF document.   

How to submit: Please submit your writing piece using this form

DeadlineFriday November 1, 2019 at midnight (ET)