Nadine Piefer-Söyler

Policy Analyst, Development Co-operation Directorate of the OECD

Nadine Piefer-Söyler is Policy Analyst in the Development Co-operation Directorate of the OECD, where she leads the work on triangular co-operation. She is also responsible for engagement with countries that are not members of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as with South Africa and Indonesia. Before joining the OECD, she worked as Consultant for the German development co‑operation (GIZ) and as researcher at Technical University of Darmstadt. Nadine has over ten years of experience working on triangular co-operation in all regions of the world. Her research and consultancy work focused on new development partners, supporting countries in establishing agencies for development co-operation, triangular co‑operation, as well as EU foreign and energy relations with the BRICS. Nadine has research and practical experience in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa.

My Sessions

Triangular Co-Operation: New Opportunities for Canadian Partners

Room 106 FG

Register for this session     The landscape for international co-operation is changing with governments, private sector stakeholders, scholars and civil society organizations identifying new and innovative ways to collaborate to realize sustainable development. In this context, a Global Partnership Initiative on Effective Triangular Co-operation has developed a contemporary and more inclusive definition of triangular […]