Triangular Co-Operation: New Opportunities for Canadian Partners

Room 106 FG

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The landscape for international co-operation is changing with governments, private sector stakeholders, scholars and civil society organizations identifying new and innovative ways to collaborate to realize sustainable development. In this context, a Global Partnership Initiative on Effective Triangular Co-operation has developed a contemporary and more inclusive definition of triangular cooperation that includes government and non-state actors and recognizes innovative partnership models that include stakeholders from countries in the Global North and Global South. Canada has played an active leadership role in this context and is keen to understand how Canadian non-state actors are engaged in triangular cooperation to inform future strategies and global discussions. This session will provide an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to learn about triangular cooperation, Canada’s leadership in this area and impacts for development, trade and foreign policy, and contribute to a study on the status of triangular cooperation by non-state actors in Canada, including identifying the barriers and opportunities to engage more in this modality of international cooperation.