Direction and Control: The Incompatibility of the Nexus and Canadian Charitable Requirements

Room 106 C



The humanitarian-development-peace Nexus is a positive initiative to challenge and motivate humanitarian organizations to more effective programming.   The ideas and strategy behind the Nexus is commendable. However, within Canada’s regulatory framework, achieving the Nexus will be challenging.

The workshop will build upon the Report of the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector, which identified the practical obstacles, cost, inconsistency with contemporary values and uncertainty of Canada’s current regulatory requirements, specifically with regards to the issue of direction and control.  Regulatory accountability is necessary and valuable, however current legislation often prohibits Canadian organizations from fully engaging and is a significant barrier to implementing and supporting the Nexus initiative, Canada’s Foreign Policy and other commitments.

These issues need to be considered by NGO’s, Government and policy advocates alike as they are critical for future coherence of government legislation and foreign policy.

Come unpack one of the biggest problems facing Canada’s charitable sector, why it needs to change, how it needs to change and how to change it.